~ WELCOME to DC Design~

Design, Review, Prototype,

& Produce your next rigid plastic component!

plastic engineering includes:
-Product Design and Development
-Prototyping parts
-Injection Mold & Blow Mold Design
-Sourcing for Building & Running production tools

CAD (Computer Aided Design) software: Solidworks, MDT & Acad, for three dimensional part development as well as all other engineering work.
We design plastic automotive trim, furniture parts (office & industrial), computer components, consumer products, and much, much more!
Basically we design any SOLID WALLED PLASTIC PARTS completely from concept to finished production part!

- There are DC Design'ed parts on current model Cadillac Deville, Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Corvette, and others. There are DC Design'ed parts on various office chairs, desks and drawers throughout the world. DC Design has worked on shampoo bottles, lipstick containers, food containers, hardware components, office products, and so many more visible and non-visible items for home & work. Chances are you have used a DC Design'ed part already!
CALL NOW to have 'your' part DC Design'ed.